ANNOUNCEMENT: New perspectives on development

Carta Económica Regional invites you to postulate an article with the focus of New perspectives on development.

Development as a topic has been approached in different ways in the social sciences. On the one hand, there have been attempts to improve the design of policies through the analyses of particular projects. On the other, there has been a focus on the discourses produced by international institutions. At the same time, a range of authors have been outlining alternatives to development. More recently, attention has also been paid to the practices of development agencies, but also to certain terms – such as transparency and participation – and to the materiality of the phenomena involved in certain development projects.

The thematic number of the Carta Económica Regional is interested in new perspectives on development, at the same time as it seeks to answer the question of what challenges and benefits there are to be found in the contemporary studies of development. We are particularly interested in topics related to the environment and eco-tourism, and in projects
dealing with sustainability.

The dead line is October 27, 2017. We'll be grateful if you upload your file to Open Journal System (OJS),, you can register and follow up on the evaluation process.